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Ok, so this review is a long time coming since we did a safari tour in 2013. But please read on because our experience was a bit unique and might provide some insight! Yes, we saw the big 5 and our tour guide, Richard, was absolutely amazing. He was funny, knowledgeable and so personable. You can tell he is genuinely passionate about the animals in the park.

While these are all awesome reasons to books with KETS, another great reason is the unwavering honesty and perseverance they showed during a mishap during our trip. Five hours into the middle of our travels from one park to another, we realized my husband had left his passport and a lot of cash in the safety deposit box of our last hotel. Oups! We had gone too far to back track, but Richard quickly sprung into action. I will spare you the details, but Richard and Paul really went to the moon and back to retrieve it all – and we got everything back. Not only did we continue our wonderful journey and see more animals, but we were able to do while the KETS staff worked so hard to correct our mistake. And let me tell you, it wasn’t easy!

Asante sana, Paul and Richard! You were both amazing and we will never forget your kindness!

Visited September 2014 

Date of Posting: 29 August 2015

Posted By: Denise D 

Vancouver, Canada