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“Kenya Expresso Tours and Safaris Ltd aim to achieve and progress in the tourism sector in Kenya, Africa and beyond (the rest of the world). This will be achieved by establishing the will of God and backed by the Spirit of Almighty Lord God, we have a great team just for you. A team that wishes you nothing but the best safaris and holiday Vacations. A team with great listening skills, who listen carefully and integrate your objectives, interests, ideas, taste of luxury and budget with a commitment to quality. Besides tailor made safaris, we have great collection of itineraries that suits family, honeymooners, private groups, singles or couples, and KETS collection (New). All these itineraries are custom made by our specialists and approved by the counsel. This is done to ensure that there is flexibility to fit your requirements and to ensure there is balance between family time and yourselves.

Paul Mwendwa
Travel and Safari Specialist


Kenya expresso tours and Safaris Ltd is a travelling agency regulated under cap 499 section of the companies Act. Our portfolio of destination and array of attraction be it in sublime luxury or rustic simplicity from savannah to the sunny Lake Victoria and coastal beaches, river Nile, water rafting, Scenic landscape and wildlife of Maasai Mara, Serengeti, Kruger, Victoria falls among other amazing places coupled with years of experience, expertise service and personnel knowledge gained over years are an assurance of a truly unforgettable African Safari with us.


To stand above the rest in the field of luxury holidays package and safari planning, to provide efficient, unique and reliable Tailor made tours and travel services to our esteemed clients allover the world.


To be outstanding in tourism innovation and Safaris by creating the safari of tranquility and peace enjoying the Flora and Fauna of our maker.


To surpass our customers expectation by providing unique unforgettable and memorable African holiday packages.


We shall at all times treat our customers with honesty, fairness and respect and remain focused to the following core values:
– Professionalism in service delivery impartiality in client handling
– Accountability in all business issues
– Effectiveness in our services through co-ordinates teamwork with clients and Ketsafaris team
– Integrity within ourselves and while handling our clients
– Discipline and self restraint
– Firmness in enforcement of fairness
– Respect for the rule of law
– Continual improvement in our services both ground handling and international response to our clients


We give the opportunity to relate with outdoor environment in a way like never before! While you get to be led by our expertise tour guides; we have designed itineraries that will leave you baffled and rejuvenated during our long safaris across the whole region and Kenya as a whole while you watch our natures best From the Mara, the abardare ranges, Lake Nakuru national park, Amboseli National park , Tsavo national park, Mombasa beach hotels, Tanzania Serengeti, Ngoro Ngoro, Uganda Bwindi, Rwanda Gorilla trekking in Volcanoes national park, Victoria Falls Zimbabwe, South Africa and much more adventure while sampling the unique animals in their natural wild habitat.

Our staff

Edna Spear
Reservations Representative 


As much of the journey is long hours on the trail on wildlife, the quality of the ground vehicle is of the utmost importance we have New fleet facing out the old ones. Each comfortable safari Van Minibus  carries 5-8 pass and Jeep Land Cruiser carries 5-7 pass, thus affording everyone a window seat and access to the roof hatch. Our safari Driver/Guides are all experienced with knowledge of educating our clients on the best Africa’s unique flora and fauna that attract visitors from all over the world, cultural and natural practices.



Kenya Expresso Tours and Safaris is a company that believes in Kenya, East Africa and Africa at large, as the home of safaris and its landscape imprints beauty and amazing land facts and wonders. A land of the big 5 and adventuring activities with an aim to keep you coming for more. There are different ethnic tribes, each with their own language, culture and customs. Mostly in Kenya we have The red-robed, beaded Maasai people are undoubtedly the most famous tribes. The unique Swahili culture dominates the coastal regions. Nairobi is home to a large swirl of humanity, with significant Indian, African and Western populations. As a result, The snow-capped peak of Mt Kenya & Mt Kilimanjaro, grassy plains of Masai Mara, the pink blush of Lake Nakuru and the annual migration of millions of wildebeest are but some of the delights waiting for you in Kenya.


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