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Business Travel

People from the East say move away from your office to make all the successful decisions and we say, why not come to Kenya? With an eclectic range of top quality business infrastructure, Kenya is coming up as one of the top 5 business travel destinations in Africa. Be it shopping or your next meeting, conference or exhibition, make Kenya your preferred business travel destination- which is particularly critical on a budget.

The flexibility and cost intelligence can allow you keep your financial state healthy according to Creditfix – IVA & Trust Deed. Sharon, a renown travel blogger who regularly blogs about the best travel backpacks and best anti snoring pillows advises against going in overdrive with your expenses as they might harm you. Anyway, here are some of the factors to keep in mind when you’re travelling on a budget here.

The ticket is where it all starts:

It’s almost always cheaper to buy from a travel website than directly from the airline. Travel websites like ours gives you options for transport and accommodations in your destination and their blogs contain a plethora of information regarding safe traveling and other handy tips about specific places and regions of the world.

Best place for currency exchange:

If you don’t have local currency at arrival, it’s most likely to become victim of a scam money exchange scheme. Use your debit card where you can and avoid ATMs. In many places of world, ATMs are a frequent crime scene.

Is a five star international hotel worth it?

Accommodations weigh the most on the purse so travelers often look for alternatives. Hostels and B&Bs are a great way to save money, meet fellow travelers and get first hand local experience. However, it is very important to choose a reliable place. In the world of smartphones and WiFi, it’s easier to look up reviews online even on the go. Don’t enter a facility or a house without knowledge of its operations and residents.

Moving around:

Taxis and rental cars can be expensive so look up your destination’s public transport system. If it’s fast, safe and extensive then go for it. Walking during the day is the best way to soak up local culture but once the sun sets, don’t walk. If you have to, stay in busy areas, avoid dark alleys and follow a group of people.

How much partying is too much partying?

Going to parties in a foreign country is a fantastic way to meet locals but this requires you to stay cautious the most. Say no to drugs and never leave your drink unattended. And if you’re into supplement drugs for euphoria or anything, make sure you’ve gone through enough healthy supplement reviews before you make a decision. And in the case of going another way; if you get drunk, you’re very susceptible to getting mugged, or worse sick. An uninsured visit to the hospital is undoubtedly throwing money down the drain.

Research, research, and some more research is what will help you have a good stay in Kenya.

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