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We became acquainted with Kenya Expresso Tours and Safaris (KETS) 1 ½ years ago when we began looking for a 1 day safari in Kenya. Originally, we were only going to spend 1 day in Kenya before flying to Rwanda to trek after the mountain gorillas.

As we researched KETS 1 day safaris, we became captivated with them. They offered a variety of 1 day safaris, their price was unbelievably great, and they had phenomenal reviews on TripAdvisor. Also, we would be the only people on their 1 day safaris with our own private driver/guide. It soon became apparent to us, that we wanted to spend more than 1 day on the traditional safari offered by KETS. We wanted to see so much more since we were flying all the way to Kenya from Chicago. We wanted to have the best possible chance to see the Big 5, and to see the Great Migration of the wildebeast, and their river crossing. So, we emailed Paul, the tour consultant of KETS, and asked his advice. Paul answered all of our emails within 24 hours, and was very helpful in helping us customize an itinerary.

Paul recommended visiting Kenya in September. This would give us the best chance of observing the Big 5 and the migration. He also recommended visiting Amboseli, Lake Nakuru, and the Masai Mara. Paul must be a phenomenal prognostigator!!! We followed his recommendations and were able to see the Big 5 and the wildebeasts crossing the Mara River during their migration.

We were awed, astounded, amazed, and just overwhelmed with the beauty and wildness of Amboseli, Masai Mara, and Lake Nakura. Our accomodations were spacious and restful, with satisfying meals, mostly served buffet style. Dishes included familiar foods as well as a few native dishes. All these appetizing dishes were offered in delicious large quantities.

Due to the expertise planning of Kenya Expresso Tours and Safaris, we experienced the unparalleled wilderness of this fascinating country and had the privilege of being escorted by Philip, a very able driver and knowledgeable guide. My husband and I were the only visitors in the roomy Toyota Land Cruiser, and we found Philip to be a reliable driver and a bold, intelligent guide who often surprised us with unexpected sightings. He found the big 5 for us to observe and photograph during the first 26 hours of our visit, including both the black and white rhinos! Philip would position the vehicle as close as possible to the animals so that we had the best possible views and locations for our photos. He took us to an excellent vantage point overlooking the Mara River to watch the wildebeasts cross. After one hour of waiting unsuccessfully for the wildebeasts to cross, we left to explore other areas. Shortly, we came across a pride of lions, and stopped to observe and photograph them. After several minutes, the male started to court one of the females, and then started to mate with her right in front of us!! While watching the lions mate, Philip heard on his radio that the wildebeasts started to cross the river. So, he told us to buckle-up, turned the Land Cruiser around, and put the pedal to the metal. He got us to the river safely in time to watch the wildebeasts!!! All of our wishes for our Kenya safari had come to fruition. Unbelievable!!! We could not have wished for a better experience than the one we had with KETS, Paul, and Philip.

Paul even assisted us when the airlines lost our luggage, and he was instrumental in tracking down our bags when we had no luck in finding them.

So, book a wonderful never-to-be-forgotten journey with Kenya Express Tours and Safaris. You will find that for the money spent, this trip will be a significant value. Paul and Philip will be waiting for you.

Visited September 2014 

Date of Posting: 02 December 2014

Posted By: Ruth1948 

Chicago, Illinois