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If you, like me, have no clue how to plan a safari, KET is the company to use! The owner, Paul, is incredibly quick in responding to questions or concerns. Our driver, Nicki, was awesome and very friendly – he was very good at spotting animals, including the elusive cheetah and lion, and was very flexible with any request we had. Paul, he deserves a raise! We felt safe our entire trip, which lasted 7 days.

A few points I wish I’d known prior to traveling:

1) The price of the safari is in large part determined by the hotels where you stay. Don’t skimp as some of the hotels are bare bones with somewhat questionable food (everything is buffet at the lodges). It would have been nice to see a list of options for hotels, along with the price impact.

2) You’re not permitted to get out of the car in the parks so there is no point to buying safari clothes. Bring comfortable shoes, a hat and weather-appropriate attire. Every hotel room has mosquito nets and we didn’t have any issue with mosquitoes anywhere.

3) Buy the majority of your souvenirs from the people who come up to the car before entering or exiting the parks – the shops are about twice the price (though some stuff is only sold in the stores).

4) If you’re taking a 2 or 3 day safari, go to Masai Mara – it’s where you’ll see the most diverse group of animals.

5) If you’re two men or two women traveling together – ask for separate beds and avoid any PDA. They do not, in any way, shape or form, support or accept alternative lifestyles – from my perspective, it’s their country/culture and I believe should be respected. At times hotel staff was a bit hostile towards me and my partner but for the most part, we felt safe.

Date of Posting: 08 October 2014

Posted By: mbescher2014 

Washington DC, District of Columbia