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“Experienced guide delivered safari experience that exceeded all expectations”

Paul from KETS was very responsive and helpful answering our many queries when we made and changed our arrangements for a three-day safari to Masai Mara Park in February 2015. As promised Jackson arrived on time to collect us from the hotel in Nairobi at the start of our trip.

We were offered the choice of a minivan or the slightly more expensive, and more comfortable land cruiser. I would recommend the land cruiser because you definitely don’t want to be less comfortable than that. The terrain for the last two hours of the drive to Masai Mara and on the safari is bumpy, and as the vehicle negotiates ditches and dips you can get a slightly rough ride at times.

Jackson worked hard from the time he picked us up. He asked each of us what we wanted to see, and managed our expectations by making it clear that we probably wouldn’t see all of the animals we listed over the three days. The whole time we were on safari Jackson was in touch with other guides via radio, finding out where there had been sightings of the animals we wanted to see. There were several other trucks out the first day, and it seemed they were all taking the lead from Jackson, moving in, getting a better angle and moving off when he did. He kept finding us a better view by driving around a bush that was obscuring the animal. The first day we saw a lioness, a cheetah, giraffes, elephants and zebras, giselles, and lots more besides. The second day we went out from 7.30-4pm to cover more of the park and we saw so much more, and this time we were alone much of the time – no other safari trucks so it felt more intimate and special. We saw hippopotamus, wild boar, rhinoceros, eland, buffalo, crocodile, more giraffes, zebras, lots of baby animals and many of them up close. The highlight for me was the lion and lioness hanging out together under a tree, and a little later a cheetah with her three cubs. I understand some people have been on much longer safaris and not seen lions! It was amazing. Because of Jackson’s 15 years of experience and conscientious hard work the safari exceeded my expectations by far.

Date of Posting: 20 February 2015

Posted By: BrightonJules