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“4 days with KET safari”

Didn’t go so well for me. Paul (Francis, and Purity) spoke very nicely, and did coordinate the safari, however he wasnt available. Francis, the driver/guide took us to safari.

1. The hotel room that was promised in Nairobi (Sarova Stanley) was not for a family size. His phone was switched off; then I had to dispute with one of his assistants (Purity), to get a little larger room. My wife didnt like the “argument” part right when were about to begin our safari.

Turned out Room price was ~USD150, however we were charged USD450. But, that surely is my bad, should have done my research well. I guess we can find better options in this money.

2. The 4×4 is in a very weary-teary condition. Used up tyres, broken seats, jammed windows, doors not opening, etc. If you are with kids, then request for a car that is in better shape.

3. For some reason, with those bald tyres we had two punctures on our way back, and lost 2 hours in fixing the tyres and waiting at the service station to fix those. My kids were annoyed.

4. Just one last note: They kept on explicitly mentioning and repeating about the “Tips”. I am fine with Tips. However, my point of view is that, Tips should come natural from the guest, based on how well you(or driver or guide) treat your guest. If someone had to give the tip, they would do that anyway; others wont.

Happy safari.

Visited April 2015 

Date of Posting: 13 April 2015

Posted By: Kay J 

Dubai, United Arab Emirates