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Located in the city centre, on one of the business streets, the Royal Court Hotel presents a stunning combination of artificial and natural elements with Coastal wood and terracotta finishing complimenting modern architecture in an aesthetic feat.

Arched domes bejeweled with stained glass insignia mark separate passages into both the hotel and the casino, with carefully thought out lighting transforming it into a dramatic spectacle each evening.

The impressive 8-story building is constantly manned by a professional security firm and is located within close vicinity of the airport, port and railway which are 8 Kms, 2 Kms and 200 m respectively.


The spacious reception engulfs you in rich tones of beige and black granite finishing, brought to life by by the recessed lighting from the lofty ceilings. the wave shaped and fully computerized reception counter demonstrates a flair for blending the modern with the cultural in contrast to the exquisite wall hangings and local artifacts.